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Auster - Project - Status: Active  In: January 3rd 2013  for complete Recover

February 2013-The recovering work on the Auster is progressing with the aircraft now completely stripped and found to be in good order, new fabric will be going on over the next few weeks.

April 2013- Application of the new fabric is progressing very well with most components now covered, some items will be put through the spray shop very soon

Auster Wing RecoverRudder ready for rib stitching and tapingAuster Aileron ready for spraying dope

 Auster Update - Late April.  Fuselage Ready for Spraying

Auster G-APMH Fuselage Recover

Harvard HT 291  - Project - Status: Active  In: July 20111

G-TSIX  is now finished but not HT 291. Harvard HT 291 is a complete zero time restoration for the Indian Air Force. This major project has been on-going for 14 months and due to complete summer of 2013


December 2012 - Harvard HT 291 is coming back together on schedule and now stands on it own two feet.


January 2013 - We have the engine fitted on HT291. Wings are ready for final painting and the instruments and wiring is starting to go in 

April 2013 - Wings are finished and painted.  The electrical installation is proving a challenge but is making progress.All the external panels are finished and being painted with the engine cowls due to be complete this month too.

Trial Fit of Wing HT291Old wiring on voltage controller HT291 Harvard 2B

Late April Update - Fuselage looking complete, still wiring, a few panels and setting up to do.

Indian Harvard HT291 G-CGYM

September 2013 -  Harvard Restoration HT 291 Engine Test

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