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In-house Facilities

Our main hanger area is large enough to accommodate up to 10 aircraft on maintenance.  We also have a separate workshop where we do welding, lathe work, metal cutting and bending, hose manufacture and pressure testing and ultra sonic cleaning of many components using the latest environmentally friendly products from Ardrox.  We also operate a paint stripping facility that our engineer’s just love using, another modern safe and environmentally friendly product that strips paint off nearly anything with minimum effort (and less cost to the customer).

We have a Spray/Bake booth that we added in 2010.  This conforms to all legislation and provides heated and filtered air, it has the capacity to change out the entire volume of air every 2 mins or less.  We can control the temperature from ambient up to 80 degrees Centigrade! However we normally run around the 20 to 25 degree mark.  The option to go up to 80 degrees does however give us the flexibility to use it to post cure composite repairs.

We also have a dedicated magneto workshop with a good supply of magneto parts, we carry out all of our own 500hr inspections and overhauls on Slick and Bendix magneto’s.  The maintenance manuals requirements for 500hr inspections do not require the testing of the magneto, however, we have our own magneto test machine and make it a policy to test every magneto we work on before releasing it to service, the test machine enables us to check spark quality and impulse operation. 

The magneto shop is a designated clean workshop so we also use this area to do carburettor overhauls.

Currently as a segregated area within the hanger is our restoration bay, in here we have jigs for de-skinning of wings and fuselages of vintage and Warbird aircraft and major structural repairs and inspections.  Along with the rest of the facilities we have at Swiftair we are able to put these to good use to produce quality restoration work, take a look at our projects in the Restoration pages.

To the front of our hangar we have hard standing parking for aircraft, although we cannot offer long term aircraft parking we have tie downs and space for up to 20 aircraft for customers who want to drop off early for scheduled checks or cannot collect straight away after, we do not charge for this if the aircraft has been in for maintenance.

We also have a lounge area with free Wi-fi if you’re visiting from away for a 50 hour check and need somewhere quite to work from.   Refreshments are also laid on for our customers.

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