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UK.MG.0401  EASA Sub-Part G with I privileges.
The extra privilege known as ‘’ I’’ allows us to issue ARC’s on aircraft that have been outside of a controlled environment.

UK.MF.0030  EASA Sub-part F.
This is our main maintenance approval for working on EASA aircraft.  As well as allowing us to carry out what are known as complex tasks on aircraft such as spar repairs/replacements etc our F capability list also approves us for many other tasks we can do in house thus reducing costs to the customer.  We currently service and overhaul our own magnetos, test and manufacture our own flexible hoses, carry out approved weld repairs on site and we also do our own aircraft weighing.

AMR/511  CAA M3 approval. 
This was the old standard approval before EASA, we still retain this capability for use on annexe II aircraft.

DAI/9948/11.  A8-20. 
This approval is for the restoration and maintenance of former military aircraft operating on a permit to fly, this encompasses such aircraft as the Harvard, YAK, Sia-Marchetti and Spitfire.  We usually have at least one major restoration in progress and visitors may sometimes be permitted to view these but please check before travelling.

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